Keep the Gates Open

Keep the Gates at Ft Funston Open During the Government Shutdown


Community in Action
SFDOG raised funds to keep the gates open at Ft Funston, which were closed during the 2019 government shutdown. The closed gates created an unsafe situation for dogs and their people.


SFDOG has asked the GGNRA to open the parking lot at Fort Funston during the partial government shutdown. People are continuing to access and use Fort Funston despite the closed lot and are instead parking alongside the highway. The limited, narrow shoulder parking is routinely packed with parked cars that stretch from the park entrance to as far as the eye can see. Many people unload their young children and pets from the highway side of their car, further congesting traffic as they then walk along the shoulder or in the highway lane on their way to the beach. The current situation isn't safe for people or their pets.

The GGNRA has agreed to open the lot if SFDOG maintains Fort Funston during the shutdown by removing trash from the trash bins on a daily basis and having the porta potties cleaned. This will cost $1,542 per week.

Will you please help us make this a reality? Let's keep ourselves and our dogs save, keep Fort Funston open to the public, and take care of a place we love. All donations to SFDOG are tax deductible.

UPDATE: Jan. 11, 2019 the GGNRA re-opened the Fort Funston parking lot because SFDOG is paying to clean up trash and portable toilets.