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SFDOG Barks Back at the Govt Shutdown

By sally - Posted on 05 January 2019

Because of the US government shutdown, which has already been going on for two weeks, many parts of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area are not being maintained. National Park Service employees have been furloughed, so trash and bathroom services are not being provided, and some of the GGNRA sites like Ocean Beach, trash is overflowing from trash cans onto the ground. At other sites, like Fort. Funston, the parking lot is closed, so people are parking along a highway to access the site, which is endangering them, their children, their pets and other drivers.

On Saturday, January 5, SFDOG has partnered with U.S. Representatives Jackie Speier and Jared Huffman as well as with Recology for a cleanup at Ocean Beach at 2:30 PM.

SFDOG also offered to pick up the trash and maintain the bathrooms at Ft. Funston, one of the most popular GGNRA destinations for people who like to walk their dogs off leash, during the rest of the government shutdown in order to open this location's parking lot. SFDOF will provide volunteers and pay for vendor services to assist in keeping the park safe and clean. The National Park Service plans to sign a service agreement with SFDOG next week.

“This is a moment when we all want to pitch in to help keep our federal lands safe and clean -- It benefits everyone in the Bay Area who loves these recreation areas, not to mention our furry friends,” said Sally Stephens, president of SFDOG.

Please help us by donating to the campaign to Open Fort Funston During the #ShutDown

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